jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

Hi everybody, today i'm going to talk about my year learning english in the University of Chile.

I think that it was a good experience, I liked the english class. I like to learn english, I am so interesting to keep and improve my english so i think this class was a good oportunity to keep my english and not forget it. Definetively it was a good experience.

One of my favorite activity were the listening, i don't know if i enjoyed this activity, but i think was one of my favorites. I liked too when we listened songs and had to complete the letter of the song. Almost of them i had never listened, but were good songs. Another activity interesting was this blog. This blog was a know experiency, i liked to have to write about somethings almost always interesting, but sometime the topic was very bored, for example when we have to talk about shopping. I think that this blog was a good way to improve our vocabulary and writing.
I think that i didn't find the activities boring, but some time we have to read an articule and its topic was very very boring. generally i liked the activities, but when the topic was boring i dind't enjoy it to much, when we have to read, write or speak about a boring topic i didn't enjoy it.

The most difficult activity for me was when i have to talk. When i've had the oportunnity to talk when a english person i don't have problems talking with him, but in this class sometime i had soem problems to arm the sentence or usin the correct word.

In conclution this year in this class was a good experiency, i learned a lot of things and a could to improve my english, so it was a good year talking about this class. I think this will be my final post in this blog, so i want to be useful to say goodbye to everybody and say that was a good experiency to share my blog with you guys and your blogs with me.
Bye bye everybody.

jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

Rodolfo's blog

Today i'm going to talk about a blog from one of my classmet. The blog that i like more than he others blogs. I don't know if is the best blog but is the blog that i always enjoy. This is the Rodolfo Soto's blog.

It is a blog that I always watch it and i chose his blog because i think that he always say something interesting. May be i am not agree with some of those things but is interesting to know it. I think taht Rodolfo is a person how knows a lot about history, culture, sports and others things, so at the moment to strike up a conversation with him (or just watching his blog) you can learn something new.
One of the pricncipal things that i chose this blog is as for the elemnts in there. How i was talking before, rodolfo always has in his posts one anecdote, a story, a fact or just a freak fact that always make it interesting.

I think his best post is when he talk about a profession that he like to do. He wanted to be a soccer coach. I chose this one because Rodolfo and me always are talknig about soccer, he likes very much this sport and me too. When i am talking wiht him i always learn something a new thing about this beatiful sport, for example from a new soccer player or a team, etc.
I know that Rodolfo knows a lot about soccer so i think that he will be a great soccer coach.

So my favorite blog is the Rodlfo soto's blog. Other blog that i like to watch it are the nicolas villalobos blog, Cristian's blog (although he is always talking about surf), the girls blogs and ruddy's blog.

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010


When i was a child i liked so muhc play any game, i was always playing some game alone or with my brothers.
I always played games like Ludo, Metropoli, carioca, ajedrez and some time I invented with my brothers some games as "El juego de la Oca". I liked too went out and play soccer or tenis in the street.
But my favorite game when i was a child it was a computer games, FIFA 98. For me the FIFA98 it was one of the best computer games that i have played. I have never liked the computer game or the consola (play station, nintendo) games, but this one it was very funny.

The FIFA is a computer soccer game. You had to choose a soccer selection and you had too play a soccer world cup and won. A soccer game but in the computer and you had too control the soccer players.
I played this game always, i spent a lot of time playing the game. I preferred to play "alley soccer" but not always it was possible, so when i was free time i played FIFA and when i was a child i always had free time.
Almost the time i played alone, but i could to play with other guy too and osme time i played with one of my brothers or a friend. each of us were one of the two team and we faced a game.
I liked this game because the soccer is my favorite sport, i always was playing soccer but when i couldn't play soccer i had the computer soccer game, so i always was playing soccer.
The last time that i played this game was 4 years ago when i was found the cd game and i installed the game again in my computer.It was a gtreat moment.

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

The best Chilean

Is difficult to decide who is the best chilean, because everybody are different and for me there are a lot of people who could be the best chilean like Violeta Parra or Victor Jara who are teh most influential musicians al the time, or other peoples like Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral, Salvador Allende, Chino Rios, Pancho Melo, Carol Dance, el Zafrada and many others. All these persons are different so is too difficult to dicede and talk about one of them.

I think in this opportunity i'm gping to choose a musician, Violeta Parra because i think she is the best chilean artist all the time. Her poems, verses, pictures and specially her music have been very important in my life and i think in a lot of chilean people. For me Violeta Parra was and is the greatest composer and she was a great poet too.

She started with a new stage in the chilean music because she was the booster of the "popular chilean music", the field music or rural musci from Chile. She was who opened the traditional chilean music to all the country, latinamerica and Europe (actually when she was live she had more recognition in Europe than in Chile. She was more importance in Chile after her death). She was who stimulate to many others composer and artist to follow in her footsteps, her legacy. she really was a great artist, her music are were very original and had a importance social.

If I meet with her i think i ask her about her career If she wanted that her music had more relevancy when she was alive and not after her death. Violeta Parra is one of the best artist in Chile all the time and her legacy and relevancy still continue to these days in Chile na dthe rest of Latinamerica.

jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Cruise working

Today i'm going to talk about a job that i would like to do.
If i have the option to choose a job i choose a geography job, because will be my future profession, but if i don't choose a geography job and may work in it, i think i would choose a job in a cruise. Any kind of job in the cruise, waiter, employee, etc.

I would like to work in a cruise for many reason. I have always wanted to be in a cruise, and if i have the possibility to be in a cruise besides it pay me money i would agree and really would enjoy it. Other reason taht i have to work in a cruise is because i could know other places in the world, though i am working and probbably i couldn't meet the places, but anyway is a reat opportunity.

I think taht could be really interesting because i would live in the sea for a few weeks and i think i would make some friendship which i will be all the travel. I think that i could know a lot of people (other employeed or worker, or a passanger) from other countries and that will be really nice. I really enojy it, fro the reason that i gave and toher i think that could be a very great experience, know places, know people know others cultures would be so satisfying.

A couple of years ago i meet a girl, may be two or three years older than me that was working in a cruise. she told me that she got the employ by casuality because some people ask her when she was traveling in a cruise if she knew english and if she wanted o work attending the passenger in the cruise, so she accept the job and when i knew her it was her second year working in the cruise.

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Soledad Pastorutti is an argentine singer, a floklore singer. She was born in 1980 in Casilda, Santa Fe.
In her country she is vary famous, but not too much in Chile. She started her carrer when she was very young, she was 15 years old.

I would like to know her because i consider that she is one of the best floklore singer in her country and all the region. She has a great voice and I love her music. I'd really like to be in one of her show, beacuse i have not had the possibility of being on her show, i have only seen videos. besides i would like to know her in person i think could be interesting because i consider her so pretty, that is other reason to know her.

If i have the opportunity to be with her i think that i talk wiht her aboit her musical carrer and the music in general because she has honoured several artist from south america, she has a lot of covers from them. Artist like atahualpa yupanqui, Chabuca Granda, Violeta parra and other that almost i like all of them. So i think if i have the opportunity to talk with her i'd have a lot of things to say.

Definitively will be intersting know her. I think she is a sociability person and is so young too, so i think i don't have problem to talk with her and maybe i could to learn from her and to share a lot of things about the southamercian culture

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010


Today i'm going to talk about the importance to learning english.

When i was in the high school i hated the english class because for me it was very difficult to learn english. 3 years ago i didn't know anything about english and i was not interested to learn english. But ones i went back to the high school i started to think different about the importance to learn english.

Today i think that to know english is too important because is the principal language in the world and if you know the language you will have much facilities to develop in almost the world.

In 2008 when i took a english course i could to learn a lot, but with the time i have forgotten a lot too, so i like to learn english because when i am learning i'm not forgeting. Also i like to know new things and practise. In the biginning for me was a little bit difficulte to learn english, but when i already had a base in english it was easier to continue learning. I think my big problem is the vocabulary because i don't use too much vocabulary, i always use the same words.

For my carrer (geography) is very usefull th know english for many reason. There are a lot of geography documents only in english and some time those document could be very important or usefull. Other importan reason is about the software like autocad, arcgis and others. All these software are in english and are a very important geography tool. If you know english you always will have more posibilities and facilities, so i think that to learn english is very very important and very usefull in this carrer and in the general life.