lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

Escher, house of stairs

Hi every body, today i'm going to talk about a work of art, my favorite work of art. The known house of stairs, which has a lot of stairs and these don't have any direccion, are infinity stairs.

This work of art was created by M.C. Escher, a dutch artist, who born in Netherland in june 17th, 1898 and died in march 27th, 1972. He is known for his mathematically and impossible art.
I sow this painting for the first time when a was a little kid. I remember that i was so confused with the painting, because is too stranger. It hasn't a direction or doesn't has an end.
I like this paintig because i like to imagine if this can be possible, or if is possible to build something like that. I like a lot of painting and woodcut from Escher, every work of him are like this one, every work of him are so stranger. Is a very special becauseis not common watch this kind of art every day, not everybody estimate this kind of arts, painting or sculpture.

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

Favorite website: Minijuegos.

Today i'm going to talk about my favorite website, one of the website that i use more. This website is Minijuegos.I like so much this website because i can play a lot of games. I use this website every week when i am boring or when i take a break when i am studying.

This website has thousands of differents games, and i can play them free. For me is too funny those games because some of them are funny, i don't spend too much time play them and i can relax of the study.

I found this website a lot of time ago, maybe five years ago, when i was in boring in my house and i was looking for some game to spend the time. I found a lot of website of games, but this liked me more because have all kind of games, sport games, logic games, adventires games, etc.

One of the good things in this website is that every day there are new games, so are not always the same games. the games taht i like more are the sports games and strategy games. I play some geography games too, for me are funny.

One of the things that i don't like of the website, Minijuegos is that some time the games repeat themsalve so in some moment this wbsite hasn't too much variety.

I don't know if you know this website, is a good option to relax when you are studying so i recomend you to visit this website, is a very good website.

lunes, 7 de junio de 2010

The weekend in Parral

The last weekend my classmet and me went to parral, a small city in the south of chile. we went to work for the "geografia cultural" class. we went with our teachers, enrique aliste and froilan cubillos and with another 4 assistant of the class. The work was very hard but was a very good experiency.
I can see all the earthquake destruction in Parral. it was very impressive, i saw a lot of fallen houses and in some places every houses in a block, all the block distroyed.
It was a very good experiency and i could to share with all my classmet.