lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

Escher, house of stairs

Hi every body, today i'm going to talk about a work of art, my favorite work of art. The known house of stairs, which has a lot of stairs and these don't have any direccion, are infinity stairs.

This work of art was created by M.C. Escher, a dutch artist, who born in Netherland in june 17th, 1898 and died in march 27th, 1972. He is known for his mathematically and impossible art.
I sow this painting for the first time when a was a little kid. I remember that i was so confused with the painting, because is too stranger. It hasn't a direction or doesn't has an end.
I like this paintig because i like to imagine if this can be possible, or if is possible to build something like that. I like a lot of painting and woodcut from Escher, every work of him are like this one, every work of him are so stranger. Is a very special becauseis not common watch this kind of art every day, not everybody estimate this kind of arts, painting or sculpture.

2 comentarios:

  1. Nice picture!
    these stairs lead to somewhere?

  2. is great, but a bit strange, it is interesting position of stairs.