lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Beatiful places, good moment and good friends

Today i'm going to talk about a trip to the south of Chile with my family and after that with my best friends in february from 2009.

Maybe is not my favority holiday, but i remember those holiday because i traveled with ll my family and after that i traveled with my best friends.

The holidays began in the first days of february. i went with my parent and my two brothers to the south of Chile, to the "Carretera Austarl". We took a plane to Coyhaique and rented a car. We stayed over there 2 days, after that we went to Puerto Chacabuco and stayed here anothers two days. In Puerto Chacabuco we made a travel to a glacier, the San Rafael galcier. That day was raining and it was too cold, but was a very good travel because the glacier is very beatiful.
In the fifth day we went to Puyuhuapi, to teh north of Coyhaique. It's a small village but so beatiful. over there we visited another galcier, but over the mountain with a waterfall, it was so beatiful, i really enjoyed visiting Puyuhuapi. we stayed there two days too.
after taht we went to the lake "General Carrera", to the south of Coyhaique. that lake had very clear water with a color like a blend between green and blue. it's a veru pretty lake.

We returned to Coyhaique and my family came back to Santiago but i didn't came back to Santiago, i took the plane jsut to Puerto Montt and went to "San Jose de la Mariquina" near Valdivia. I meet with one of my best friends and we stay there two days waiting to my other friends.

That was very pecial because we are friends since we were kids, but we traveled together by first time. We went to mehuin, valdivia, panguipulli, puerto fuy, villarica and other places. we knew veru beatiful places. for me the best place was puerto fuy because it was a very small place with a few people, so quiet and very beatiful. there was a great holiday.

Anothers trips that i liked it were a travel to New Zealand in 2008, i went alone by 3 month and there was a very great experiency, and a liked too the last holidays because i went by first time with my girlfriends and was very special taht travel to the north and i went to Constitucion with y friend one week before the earthquake so a remember that so clear.

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Bersuit Vergarabat

I'm going to talk about my favorite music band, Bersuit Vargarabat.

bersuit is an argentinean band created in 1988 in Lanus, a place in Buenos aires. In the begining they were only five people and one year later another 3 members joined in the group. They have 9 albums. the first one is from 1991 and the last one from 2007. the proncipal members of the band are Gustavo Cordera, the singer and Juan Súbira, the pianist. Unfortunately for my, the separeted the last year. The song most known are "La bolsa", "Sr cobranza", "murguita del sur" and the cover "El tiempo no para".

i like this group because bersuit plays a lot of diferent kind of musci but alwas with one style very typical from them. They blend argentinean folcloric music with rock and ska. Is a very good music band.

i have seen them 3 times in live. The first one was in 2006 in the "Caupolican thetre", the second one, and the best time for me, was in 2007 in the "teleton theatre" and teh last one was in 2008 in the velodrome from the national stadium. In the 3 tims i enjoyed so much the show. When they play in live usually play wearing pijamas, i don't know why but is typical from them. They usually get people up of the stage. Ones they got two friends up the stage and they danced with them in one of the songs.

I knew this band about 2001 but i am a fan from 2006. I have five from 9 of his albums and i listen his music always in my pc or my MP3.

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Chile goes to the world cup

I choose this picture because i like it so much, i can remember one of the best day in the last time when i see it. That day my firneds, my girlfriend, my brother and me, were celebrating the victory from our chilean selection and the classification to the next world cup in Southafrica.
that was a very good day for mebeacuse a could to enjoy the game drinking some beer with all my best friends.

This photo was took it the last year. I was in the house from Leo, one of my best friends and it was took it by Camila, other of my best friends.

that day we met few minute before the game, and we celebrated every goal from Chile. after the game we bought pizza and we ate it. after taht we went to "Plaza Italia" to carry on celebrating. we took the subway and all the people in the subway were singin and jumping so the subway moved too much, but was very fanny. That nigth we celebrating about to the 3 on the morning in a bar near my house.

That was a very good nigth, and in the next world cup in june i'm pretty sure that i'm going to celebrate a lot too.

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

China, one of the countries that i'd want to visit.

China for me is a very sensational country, i have always wanted to visit it by many reasons.

I think China is a country with a lot of history and unknown cultures. i think that know a diferent culture should be a very great experience, know other kind of habits, other kind of food, other religions and a lot of different think with the latinamerican culture and the west's culture.

Another reason is the big cities of China, for example, Pekin, Shangai and Hong Kong. i would like to visit these cities because i like the modern cities, the illuminated cities with high biulding.

And one of the most important reason is the beauty of the country. I'd like to visit the great wall, the forbidden city, the infinite rice's crops, the terracotta army, the yangtze river( for me one of the most beatiful rivers), the guangxi province, and another places.

i think that China is too interesting because, have a lot of different things. Big cities, a lot of rural places, a beatifull scenery and a lot of culture.

China is not the unique country, i would like to visit Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and latin america. I'm interested about the marcial art in Japan and China too. I don't practie it, but i think that the marcial arts in these countries have something special.

lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

post correction

For the earthquake, I was sleeping, those(ww) February 27th at 3:34 am. I was in holidays, with my family in my house, in Los Andes. My father woke up me(wf) and he said that we must to keep calm, be(?) he had lived other earthquakes before.He ordered us to dress and he went to the downtown for visit your(ww) parents, because they live alone. My mother had lucky, because she could talk for telephone with your(ww) parents. Meanwhile, I could see a caravan of people returning to their cars to their homes to find their loved ones. In the house, my brother and me has(wf) a battery powered radio and and lit(wt) for know some information about the disaster. Ironically, the unique information with the rest of the world came from Argentinians station radio (mainly from Buenos Aires), and thanks to, I can quieter sleep, although in the morning, I recently become aware about the damage of the earthquake, the 1st great Chilean earthquake in the 21th Century.


1) those(ww)= that February 27th
2)woke up me(wf)= My father woke me up
3)your(WW)= He ordered us to dressand he went to the downtown for visit his parents.
4)your(WW)= because she could talk for telephone with her parents.
5) has(WF)= My brother and me have...
6)lit(WT)= And lit it for.....

Rodolfo's blog

The rodolfo's blog is a very great blog i think. I every week read it and i almost always comment in his blogs. His blog has six post (the earthquake, his hobbies, his favorite movie and other post) and about 20 classmate's comment.

I like it because i share a lot of things that he writes in his blog. For example he writes about his favorite movie "dead poets society", which i like it too. I like too watch the tv in my free time and a lot of the channel that he watches, for example "history channel and natgeo", i like watch it too.

about the design of his blog I think is good and he has good pictures, but i think is too dark. May be if he changes the colors of his blog could be funnier and if he puts up more picture and photos will be more showy.

You have to visit the rodolfo's blog because is so interesting ;)