lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

The Earthquake

One week before the earthquake I was in Constitucion with some friends in holidays. we are 5 friends in the house of one of them and we met a lot of people and beatiful places. One day before the earthquake three of us came back to Santiago, but the others two friends stayed there.
When I listened about the tsunami in Constitucion i tried to comunicate with my friends and o knew that a wall fell in one of my friend and he broke his leg, he is ok riath now. Also the tsunami flooded the house of my friend but he and his family are ok.

Almost the places that I knew a few days bofore the earthquake were destroyed(Iloca, Consitutucion and Duao).
I have lucky from stay in Santiago and not in Conti.
Here in Santiago i was in a party in the moment of the earthquake and everybody in the party were scary, but everybody were ok, just some glasses and some plats broke.

In the morning when a went back to my house i couldn't take a bus and I sow a lot of walls from houses and building on the floor for example a school in Maipu and a church in Providencia. Ones in my house i had to clean and order beacuse everything fell in my house.

I have never lived something similar, is very sad see the news in the TV and Know about the people hoo lost everything.

5 comentarios:

  1. A earthquake is terrible, but we must live with them the rest of our lifes.

  2. if true, you are very lucky to travel to Santiago and not in a constitution, this experience one never to forget. I am glad you are okay.

  3. it true your comentary. We are fine in comparison with the constitution people.
    bye corvi =)

  4. you had luck for come back to Santiago 1 day before