lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

my favorites things

In my free time i like to do a lot of things. I don't have a favorite hobby because i always do something different in my free time.
Studying in the university i don't have too much time, so i try to spend my little time meeting with my friends and sleep some time.
when i met with my friends we usually play soccer and drink some beer or some coke. I started to play soccer with my firneds when i was a child, but five years ago when i was in the school we played soccer every weekend, but know we don't have to many days or time free, so we try to play every time we can.
I like it so much because i can see my friends and i always have a good time with them and i like to play soccer too, i always have played soccer so i enjoy do it.
i like to sleep a lot too, because i have so wake up to soon in the morning and i'm going to the bed too late. Meybe i'm a lazy people, but i am ok with that.

I don't have to much time free, so i don't have too many things to do. In the summer when i have a lot of time free i usefull doing a lot of thing as read books, watch soccer game or go out.
One thing that i do sometime in the summer is go out alone or with a friend by a day and walk or take a bus to a place that i don't know before. I like go to places where i'v not been before.

In two month more i'm going to spend all my time watching the world cup.

7 comentarios:

  1. Chile win the World Cup in South Africa!!!!

  2. Not only you, all classmates (or the mayority)will watching the world cup.

  3. Soccer, beer and sleep!

    I will wach the world cup in english class.

  4. I don`t know play soccer, but I love sleep !!

  5. Cristobal and his coments, jajaja

    I believe that sleep became the favorite hobby of all when the University beggins