jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

Boca Juniors the best team in the world

One of the best events that i have gone it was when i went to the stadium, in Argentina to see my faorite soccer team, Boca Juniors. It was in 2007 when i travel to argentina with some friends and we decided to go to one match from the argentinan championship. One of us wanted to see to River Plate, the typical enemy of Boca (like Colo Colo with U.de Chile), but almost of us wanted to see Boca Juniors. So one afternoon we went to one of the most traditional stadium from argentina and southamerica, the known "La Bombonera", the stadium from Boca Juniors and one of the most special and beatiful stadium that i have known. This

That day Boca Junior played with San Lorenzo another big team from Argentina and Boca won with the final result 4-1. that day i could to see to my favorite soccer player, like Juan Roman Riquelme, who made a goal that day, and Martin Palermo, who made two goals that day.

I enjoyed so much that day, i like too much the soccer and i enjoyed more if is southamerican soccer, because i think that is too much better that the european soccer. I think in southamerica there are much passion in the teams, the players, and the fans, so i like it so much. the staidum it was so beatiful and the ambient is fantasctic around this is fantastic in every moment.

It was a very great experency, because i could to see my favorite soccer team and two of my favorite soccer player. also i could to see the match from the galery of the stadium, with one of the most popular group of soccer fans and the biggest in Argentina, the Boca Juniors fans, named "number 12".

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