lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Rodolfo's blog

The rodolfo's blog is a very great blog i think. I every week read it and i almost always comment in his blogs. His blog has six post (the earthquake, his hobbies, his favorite movie and other post) and about 20 classmate's comment.

I like it because i share a lot of things that he writes in his blog. For example he writes about his favorite movie "dead poets society", which i like it too. I like too watch the tv in my free time and a lot of the channel that he watches, for example "history channel and natgeo", i like watch it too.

about the design of his blog I think is good and he has good pictures, but i think is too dark. May be if he changes the colors of his blog could be funnier and if he puts up more picture and photos will be more showy.

You have to visit the rodolfo's blog because is so interesting ;)

2 comentarios:

  1. the pictures are great, especially the bald man who looks like they are hair rodolfo

  2. The design of Rodolfo's Blog is similar to my blog style (colors)