domingo, 26 de septiembre de 2010

18 on the beach

Hi everybody today i'm going to talk about the "fiestas patrias" celebration when i was a kid.
When i was a child i almost always went to the beach with my family in september for the aniversary of Chile.
We usually went to Algarrobo or a nearly place, but i didn't like go to the beach in that date because i prefered to be here in Santiago and go to a funny "fonda" or go to a family BBQ. So i remember ones when we stayd here in santiago so we went to a "fonda"(i don't remember where it was) and for me was a very good experiency because i could to see a lot of folklore music groups like inti-illimani, illapu and others groups. I could to play a lot of chilean and traditional games (rayuela, gincana, etc.) and other kind of activities like to raise a comet and eat all kind of thinks. that may be is one of the unique memories that i have when i was a little kid but is a very great memory.

today the days of the fiestas patrias and thecelebration are totally different. My parent still are going to the beach in this date my my brothers and me usually stay here in Santiago. So i spend my time with my friends and girlfrien going to some fonda in saniago or near santiago and making barbecues with them and my brothers. I already don't do spend my time as i was a kid, today a like g to dance, cueca and cumbia, eat a lot and drink chilean drinks like chicha or "terremoto".

I think this is one of the best dates in chile. i like so much to celebrate the fiestas patrias.

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