jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010


Today i'm going to talk about the importance to learning english.

When i was in the high school i hated the english class because for me it was very difficult to learn english. 3 years ago i didn't know anything about english and i was not interested to learn english. But ones i went back to the high school i started to think different about the importance to learn english.

Today i think that to know english is too important because is the principal language in the world and if you know the language you will have much facilities to develop in almost the world.

In 2008 when i took a english course i could to learn a lot, but with the time i have forgotten a lot too, so i like to learn english because when i am learning i'm not forgeting. Also i like to know new things and practise. In the biginning for me was a little bit difficulte to learn english, but when i already had a base in english it was easier to continue learning. I think my big problem is the vocabulary because i don't use too much vocabulary, i always use the same words.

For my carrer (geography) is very usefull th know english for many reason. There are a lot of geography documents only in english and some time those document could be very important or usefull. Other importan reason is about the software like autocad, arcgis and others. All these software are in english and are a very important geography tool. If you know english you always will have more posibilities and facilities, so i think that to learn english is very very important and very usefull in this carrer and in the general life.

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  1. sometimes, english isn´t very funny at the school. In my case we were learning the "to be" verbe for 4 years!!

    the important is, learning english because you know it´s useful, and trying to use it in your common life whatever you can

  2. Yeah David, in the school the Englis was very booooored.