jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Cruise working

Today i'm going to talk about a job that i would like to do.
If i have the option to choose a job i choose a geography job, because will be my future profession, but if i don't choose a geography job and may work in it, i think i would choose a job in a cruise. Any kind of job in the cruise, waiter, employee, etc.

I would like to work in a cruise for many reason. I have always wanted to be in a cruise, and if i have the possibility to be in a cruise besides it pay me money i would agree and really would enjoy it. Other reason taht i have to work in a cruise is because i could know other places in the world, though i am working and probbably i couldn't meet the places, but anyway is a reat opportunity.

I think taht could be really interesting because i would live in the sea for a few weeks and i think i would make some friendship which i will be all the travel. I think that i could know a lot of people (other employeed or worker, or a passanger) from other countries and that will be really nice. I really enojy it, fro the reason that i gave and toher i think that could be a very great experience, know places, know people know others cultures would be so satisfying.

A couple of years ago i meet a girl, may be two or three years older than me that was working in a cruise. she told me that she got the employ by casuality because some people ask her when she was traveling in a cruise if she knew english and if she wanted o work attending the passenger in the cruise, so she accept the job and when i knew her it was her second year working in the cruise.

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  1. You will bring me margaritas, when I have money and could travel in cruises xD

    Good job!

  2. Interesting job, especially because you travel around the world

  3. interesting ... really a fun job