jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

The best Chilean

Is difficult to decide who is the best chilean, because everybody are different and for me there are a lot of people who could be the best chilean like Violeta Parra or Victor Jara who are teh most influential musicians al the time, or other peoples like Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral, Salvador Allende, Chino Rios, Pancho Melo, Carol Dance, el Zafrada and many others. All these persons are different so is too difficult to dicede and talk about one of them.

I think in this opportunity i'm gping to choose a musician, Violeta Parra because i think she is the best chilean artist all the time. Her poems, verses, pictures and specially her music have been very important in my life and i think in a lot of chilean people. For me Violeta Parra was and is the greatest composer and she was a great poet too.

She started with a new stage in the chilean music because she was the booster of the "popular chilean music", the field music or rural musci from Chile. She was who opened the traditional chilean music to all the country, latinamerica and Europe (actually when she was live she had more recognition in Europe than in Chile. She was more importance in Chile after her death). She was who stimulate to many others composer and artist to follow in her footsteps, her legacy. she really was a great artist, her music are were very original and had a importance social.

If I meet with her i think i ask her about her career If she wanted that her music had more relevancy when she was alive and not after her death. Violeta Parra is one of the best artist in Chile all the time and her legacy and relevancy still continue to these days in Chile na dthe rest of Latinamerica.

4 comentarios:

  1. la Viola... one of the best chileans composer of all times

  2. Personaly, i doný like Violeta Parra how musician, but i think tahta is a very important how cultural icon!

  3. I like very much Violeta Parra =) Not only she was a composer, also artist

  4. Carol Dance as the best chilean? are yu crazy ?
    But I agree with you, my mom in the best chilean, and Violeta Parra to.