miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010


When i was a child i liked so muhc play any game, i was always playing some game alone or with my brothers.
I always played games like Ludo, Metropoli, carioca, ajedrez and some time I invented with my brothers some games as "El juego de la Oca". I liked too went out and play soccer or tenis in the street.
But my favorite game when i was a child it was a computer games, FIFA 98. For me the FIFA98 it was one of the best computer games that i have played. I have never liked the computer game or the consola (play station, nintendo) games, but this one it was very funny.

The FIFA is a computer soccer game. You had to choose a soccer selection and you had too play a soccer world cup and won. A soccer game but in the computer and you had too control the soccer players.
I played this game always, i spent a lot of time playing the game. I preferred to play "alley soccer" but not always it was possible, so when i was free time i played FIFA and when i was a child i always had free time.
Almost the time i played alone, but i could to play with other guy too and osme time i played with one of my brothers or a friend. each of us were one of the two team and we faced a game.
I liked this game because the soccer is my favorite sport, i always was playing soccer but when i couldn't play soccer i had the computer soccer game, so i always was playing soccer.
The last time that i played this game was 4 years ago when i was found the cd game and i installed the game again in my computer.It was a gtreat moment.

6 comentarios:

  1. wuajajakjakja! your game is very old, you remember me when my bother play all the day this game xD and i never liked, because my brother never wanted to lend me the computer :( xD wujajakjakjakjak

  2. this is the best FIFA of all times
    nice choice

  3. Woooo I remeber yet the voices of this game.

    jajajaa was funny.

  4. I feel old! I didn´t consider myself a child when the fifa98 apeared!

  5. I agree with David, when apeared fifa 98, I didn't was a child.

  6. you already now my opinion, i hate computergames...
    ey! what is el juego de la oca ?