jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

Rodolfo's blog

Today i'm going to talk about a blog from one of my classmet. The blog that i like more than he others blogs. I don't know if is the best blog but is the blog that i always enjoy. This is the Rodolfo Soto's blog.

It is a blog that I always watch it and i chose his blog because i think that he always say something interesting. May be i am not agree with some of those things but is interesting to know it. I think taht Rodolfo is a person how knows a lot about history, culture, sports and others things, so at the moment to strike up a conversation with him (or just watching his blog) you can learn something new.
One of the pricncipal things that i chose this blog is as for the elemnts in there. How i was talking before, rodolfo always has in his posts one anecdote, a story, a fact or just a freak fact that always make it interesting.

I think his best post is when he talk about a profession that he like to do. He wanted to be a soccer coach. I chose this one because Rodolfo and me always are talknig about soccer, he likes very much this sport and me too. When i am talking wiht him i always learn something a new thing about this beatiful sport, for example from a new soccer player or a team, etc.
I know that Rodolfo knows a lot about soccer so i think that he will be a great soccer coach.

So my favorite blog is the Rodlfo soto's blog. Other blog that i like to watch it are the nicolas villalobos blog, Cristian's blog (although he is always talking about surf), the girls blogs and ruddy's blog.

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  1. The image is the best of your post

  2. yes, i got to say for content, rodolfo´s blog is one of the best