jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

Hi everybody, today i'm going to talk about my year learning english in the University of Chile.

I think that it was a good experience, I liked the english class. I like to learn english, I am so interesting to keep and improve my english so i think this class was a good oportunity to keep my english and not forget it. Definetively it was a good experience.

One of my favorite activity were the listening, i don't know if i enjoyed this activity, but i think was one of my favorites. I liked too when we listened songs and had to complete the letter of the song. Almost of them i had never listened, but were good songs. Another activity interesting was this blog. This blog was a know experiency, i liked to have to write about somethings almost always interesting, but sometime the topic was very bored, for example when we have to talk about shopping. I think that this blog was a good way to improve our vocabulary and writing.
I think that i didn't find the activities boring, but some time we have to read an articule and its topic was very very boring. generally i liked the activities, but when the topic was boring i dind't enjoy it to much, when we have to read, write or speak about a boring topic i didn't enjoy it.

The most difficult activity for me was when i have to talk. When i've had the oportunnity to talk when a english person i don't have problems talking with him, but in this class sometime i had soem problems to arm the sentence or usin the correct word.

In conclution this year in this class was a good experiency, i learned a lot of things and a could to improve my english, so it was a good year talking about this class. I think this will be my final post in this blog, so i want to be useful to say goodbye to everybody and say that was a good experiency to share my blog with you guys and your blogs with me.
Bye bye everybody.

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