lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Chile goes to the world cup

I choose this picture because i like it so much, i can remember one of the best day in the last time when i see it. That day my firneds, my girlfriend, my brother and me, were celebrating the victory from our chilean selection and the classification to the next world cup in Southafrica.
that was a very good day for mebeacuse a could to enjoy the game drinking some beer with all my best friends.

This photo was took it the last year. I was in the house from Leo, one of my best friends and it was took it by Camila, other of my best friends.

that day we met few minute before the game, and we celebrated every goal from Chile. after the game we bought pizza and we ate it. after taht we went to "Plaza Italia" to carry on celebrating. we took the subway and all the people in the subway were singin and jumping so the subway moved too much, but was very fanny. That nigth we celebrating about to the 3 on the morning in a bar near my house.

That was a very good nigth, and in the next world cup in june i'm pretty sure that i'm going to celebrate a lot too.

4 comentarios:

  1. Chile will win the World Cup, someday....

  2. I remember this day, but i don't celebrate this classification because I was only with my mother, and she didn't like football.

  3. I agree with the comment rodolfo, ANY day.....
    the world cup is coming.........

  4. wow one of the most beautiful moments of hte last year!!!! now to enjoy de FIFA world Cup! jajaja! bye pablo!