lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

China, one of the countries that i'd want to visit.

China for me is a very sensational country, i have always wanted to visit it by many reasons.

I think China is a country with a lot of history and unknown cultures. i think that know a diferent culture should be a very great experience, know other kind of habits, other kind of food, other religions and a lot of different think with the latinamerican culture and the west's culture.

Another reason is the big cities of China, for example, Pekin, Shangai and Hong Kong. i would like to visit these cities because i like the modern cities, the illuminated cities with high biulding.

And one of the most important reason is the beauty of the country. I'd like to visit the great wall, the forbidden city, the infinite rice's crops, the terracotta army, the yangtze river( for me one of the most beatiful rivers), the guangxi province, and another places.

i think that China is too interesting because, have a lot of different things. Big cities, a lot of rural places, a beatifull scenery and a lot of culture.

China is not the unique country, i would like to visit Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and latin america. I'm interested about the marcial art in Japan and China too. I don't practie it, but i think that the marcial arts in these countries have something special.

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  1. The same country like Simon. China for me, not feel attractive, because I think it's restricted.

  2. The land of kung fu!!!