lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Beatiful places, good moment and good friends

Today i'm going to talk about a trip to the south of Chile with my family and after that with my best friends in february from 2009.

Maybe is not my favority holiday, but i remember those holiday because i traveled with ll my family and after that i traveled with my best friends.

The holidays began in the first days of february. i went with my parent and my two brothers to the south of Chile, to the "Carretera Austarl". We took a plane to Coyhaique and rented a car. We stayed over there 2 days, after that we went to Puerto Chacabuco and stayed here anothers two days. In Puerto Chacabuco we made a travel to a glacier, the San Rafael galcier. That day was raining and it was too cold, but was a very good travel because the glacier is very beatiful.
In the fifth day we went to Puyuhuapi, to teh north of Coyhaique. It's a small village but so beatiful. over there we visited another galcier, but over the mountain with a waterfall, it was so beatiful, i really enjoyed visiting Puyuhuapi. we stayed there two days too.
after taht we went to the lake "General Carrera", to the south of Coyhaique. that lake had very clear water with a color like a blend between green and blue. it's a veru pretty lake.

We returned to Coyhaique and my family came back to Santiago but i didn't came back to Santiago, i took the plane jsut to Puerto Montt and went to "San Jose de la Mariquina" near Valdivia. I meet with one of my best friends and we stay there two days waiting to my other friends.

That was very pecial because we are friends since we were kids, but we traveled together by first time. We went to mehuin, valdivia, panguipulli, puerto fuy, villarica and other places. we knew veru beatiful places. for me the best place was puerto fuy because it was a very small place with a few people, so quiet and very beatiful. there was a great holiday.

Anothers trips that i liked it were a travel to New Zealand in 2008, i went alone by 3 month and there was a very great experiency, and a liked too the last holidays because i went by first time with my girlfriends and was very special taht travel to the north and i went to Constitucion with y friend one week before the earthquake so a remember that so clear.

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  1. This summer! i want to go to the estreme south of chile!!! take care! bye!

  2. you must go, is really beautiful

    se you!!!