lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

post correction

For the earthquake, I was sleeping, those(ww) February 27th at 3:34 am. I was in holidays, with my family in my house, in Los Andes. My father woke up me(wf) and he said that we must to keep calm, be(?) he had lived other earthquakes before.He ordered us to dress and he went to the downtown for visit your(ww) parents, because they live alone. My mother had lucky, because she could talk for telephone with your(ww) parents. Meanwhile, I could see a caravan of people returning to their cars to their homes to find their loved ones. In the house, my brother and me has(wf) a battery powered radio and and lit(wt) for know some information about the disaster. Ironically, the unique information with the rest of the world came from Argentinians station radio (mainly from Buenos Aires), and thanks to, I can quieter sleep, although in the morning, I recently become aware about the damage of the earthquake, the 1st great Chilean earthquake in the 21th Century.


1) those(ww)= that February 27th
2)woke up me(wf)= My father woke me up
3)your(WW)= He ordered us to dressand he went to the downtown for visit his parents.
4)your(WW)= because she could talk for telephone with her parents.
5) has(WF)= My brother and me have...
6)lit(WT)= And lit it for.....

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